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New England Patriots Schedule 2015

Want to find out all the games that the patriots are going to be playing for the 2015 season? Below we have the finalized list of games for the upcoming year. You can simply scroll down and see how things panned out for this year’s patriots schedule. Will they have as much success this time around as they have been recently? Will have to wait for the games to play out to see!

Here Is The Complete Schedule For The Team

If the unthinkable happens and somehow this schedule gets modified, we will update it right away. We are the number one source for New England games in 2015.

How Are The Patriots Shaping Up For The New Season?

Most recently the team was working on quarterback drills and really nailing down their passing game. They’re concentrating mainly on no contact work without wearing pads, so you can’t exactly tell how they will perform during a real match. They are putting in these practice sessions right behind their home field the Gillette Stadium. If you disregard the fact that they aren’t going full contact and are wearing their real gear, you can still get something out of watching their practices. When it comes to working on passing it’s pretty easy to tell if things are going well. Either someone ends up catching the ball or they don’t.

In their recent practice sessions Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick would have probably like to have seen a bit more catches than they did. Although at the moment these drills are missing on teaching more so than pure of valuation. The New England Patriots passing game looked a bit choppy for the better part of the over to our practice session. The second string quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was having particular difficulties. There was frequent mishaps right after the snap that saw him getting sacked, miss timing throws, or causing incompletions.

Things Weren’t All Roses For Tom Brady Either

The All-Star King of the quarterbacks Tom Brady also had his fair share of struggles throughout this session. One player who stood out above the rest was Rob Gronkowski, he’s an exceptionally good pass catcher in this was just one more time for him to showcase that. He doesn’t take things too seriously, but still manages to remain extremely productive on the field. There were a few players absent from the most recent practice that we saw in other minicamps. Players of note that didn’t attend this time around were Ryan Wendell, Jerod Mayo, Sebastian Vollmer, and Brian Lafell.

How Are The Teams New Rookies Looking For The New England Patriots Schedule?

One of the new players that was a first round draft pick that really stands out is Malcolm Brown. While it’s always difficult to get a read on a player during practice without pads, at least in these circumstances he’s always ready to mix it up even with the other veteran players such as Alan Branch. He’s gotten lots of field time because his senior Sealver Siliga isn’t quite ready to return to the field due to injury.

While there are some struggles, it looks like this lineup is shaping up to be real contenders. Will keep you posted on any new happenings that occur during the minicamp!

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